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How It All Started

If you're good with numbers, you get a lot of interest from financial firms if you're about to graduate from an Ivy League university. Though I found quantitative analysis interesting, my passion was in engineering. So I made a career in designing products and put money into my 401k account like any other smart young investor at the time. And like everyone else, I watched my 401k account crater after the tech bubble crash.

Back in 2005 while watching my 401k account struggle to regain a portion of the losses suffered in the tech bubble crash, I realized that simple buy and hold approach to investing may not be the best way to build wealth for the average investor. Was there a way to capture some of the fantastic gains during the run-up of the stock market, and avoid the worst of the losses during the crash? This question led me to explore the world of investing and trading: such as trend following with moving averages, dip buying with RSI2 indicators, breakout systems with Donchian Dual Channels or Bollinger Bands, technical analysis of chart patterns, fund rotation systems, value and fundamentals investing, etc.

Buy-and-hold had the advantage of requiring minimal effort: choose an asset class mix, rely on an automatic purchase plan, maybe re-balance once a year, and wait. It appealed to some of the laziness in me. But by 2006 I was convinced one can do better with a system that required only marginal more time and effort than buy-and-hold. After studying and experimenting with many investment and trading strategies, I decided a rotational trading strategy that focused on a limited set of asset classes and that required only a monthly review fitted my temperament. At the same time, 401k institutions were starting to limit “over-trading” and adding redemption fees. My trading system seemed tailored-made for 401k plans: limited fund choices and limited frequency of trading.

To minimize the time necessary for a monthly review and eliminate the hassle of managing a large Excel spreadsheet, I wrote a simple command-line computer program to download historical price data and score my portfolio of funds. Over the years, I converted the console program to a windows application and added a basic backtesting module. There was some interest from friends and family, so in 2011 I started selling annual software licenses to those who wanted to use my trading system with their own custom portfolios. Since then many have inquired about a web application instead of using a Windows application. More recently, my application ended up being incompatible with Windows 8 and support of my software was becoming difficult. So I ported the scoring and backtesting algorithms to a web application, added a few new features that had been in high demand, and created this website. Now I offer to you an online personalized investment system that may boost your returns of your retirement accounts.

So why am I charging a subscription fee? It’s not to build wealth since I’m charging much less than most other 401k/TSP trading subscription systems out there. Plus I eat my own cooking: most of my taxable investment accounts follow the standard investment strategy here at 401kBooster.com and certainly my 401k does as well. They will gain much more value in a single year than any potential earnings from offering a timing signal newsletter subscription. Instead, it’s to cover a portion of my time and expenses to maintain this website and provide some basic support and updates.

Try the Demo Apps and see if the strategy fits your temperament. If you like what you see, subscribe to a monthly plan and cancel if it's not working out. Upgrade to an annual plan when you feel more committed to the strategy. I want everyone to reach their retirement goals, so if 401kbooster.com is not for you, have a look at this list of other subscription alternatives.

Enjoy and Good Luck,

S.J. Choy