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Investment System

401kBooster.com uses the Asset Class Rotation Investment System (ACRIS) which is a long-position-only trading system that relies on periodic tactical asset allocation based on intermediate-term price momentum. ACRIS delivers superior returns to standard “buy & hold” strategies and traditional asset allocation strategies.

Assets may be classified into a variety of ways: equities/bonds, investment styles (e.g. value/growth), capitalization (e.g. small/mid/large), sectors (e.g. real estate, financial, etc.), and regions (E.g. Europe, US, Emerging). 401kBooster.com by default uses a set of: US equities indices (S&P 500 and US small and mid-cap stocks), regional equity indices (developed Europe, developed Asia Pacific, Emerging Asian Markets, and Latin America), Bonds (US aggregate, 1-3 yr US treasuries, zero coupon US treasuries), and Commodities.

Within a portfolio of funds, ACRIS invests in a single asset (usually by exposure to an index fund), and, using the latest momentum strength evaluation of each asset, periodically rotates to the highest scoring asset class. ACRIS can easily be adapted for use in 401k retirement accounts where only a small set of investment funds are available and trading frequency is limited.