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Portfolio Correlation

VFINX or SPY, S&P 500 Index
VBMFX or BND, Lehman Brothers Aggregate Bond Index
VEXMX or VXF, S&P US Completion Index
VEURX or VGK, Europe Index
VPACX or VPL, Asia Pacific Index
VEIEX or VWO, MSCI Emerging Market Index
DBC, DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund
EDV, Zero Coupon U.S. Treasuries
FLATX or ILF, Latin America Index
FEAAX or GMF, Emerging Asia Pacific Index
SHY or (Cash), 1-3 Yr Treas Bond Index
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Portfolio Correlation Table
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Correlation data are presented for informational purposes only and do not constitute advice. All decisions to invest are at your own risk.